Vulcano trekking - Mt Rinjani 3726m - Lombok, Indonesia, Senin, 13. Agustus 2018

Just do it! An experience to remember for the rest of your life. Most of use will do this climb in combination with our 3-days yoga retreat however events are run separately and your choice if you want to combine them or not. It's a physical and mentally hard trek so be prepared to put in the work. But we can ALL DO IT - just bring good spirits. We are booking for 2 Days/ 1 Night with Adi trekker who will organise everything for us.

VIP Plus package U$ 250 / AU$ 315
U$ 50 deposit to conform booking - remaining amount is payed on arrival in Senaru

email Anne for your interest

car to pick up from any location in Lombok
one night accommodation in Senaru before trekking (Rinjani Lodge or similar standard depends on availability)
trekking guide
food / water
tent, toilet tent, sleeping bag, mattress

Day 1: 06.00am start. Trekking to Sembalum crater rim 2639m where we spend the night
Day 2: 02.30am start. Summit 3726m by sunraise. Back to Sembalum village 1115m by lunch. Car back to Senaru to pick up luggage and driver will take us to Heaven on the Planet for a well deserved 3 days retreat to relax and nurture (or your next destination at Lombok)


Vulcano trekking - Mt Rinjani 3726m - Lombok

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