Powering Government Transformation Through AI, JW Marriott Hotel, Jumat, 25. Oktober 2019

Powering Government Transformation Through AI
Leveraging AI technologies to deliver faster, more efficient and relevant services to the citizens
Cognitive technologies are revolutionising every facet of how government operates and governs.
The growing repertoire of AI technologies — computer vision, natural conversation, and machines that learn over time, has the potential to enhance and augment almost everything government does, from education and health care to policing and defence.
AI-based applications are reducing backlogs, cutting costs, overcoming resource constraints and freeing public sector from the drudgery of mundane tasks.
Indonesia Public Sector Ready to Embrace AI
Indonesian organisations like Go-Jek and Kaskus is pioneering the adoption of AI and as a result, Indonesia is leading the ASEAN in AI implementation.
The public sector needs to follow suit to harness the technology to better serve the citizens.
As the Indonesian government is pushing for digital transformation across the public sector, the promise of AI adoption looks promising.
Stronger collaboration between government, academia and private enterprises will speed up the digital transformation process and also help in the uptake of this enabling technology.
Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks
Artificial intelligence holds the potential to vastly improve government operations and meet the needs of citizens in new ways, yet many public institutions are lagging behind in harnessing this powerful technology.
Public sector officials are increasingly aware of the transformational impact of data for AI-powered solutions, but the data is often neither accessible nor discoverable.
Not only that, the tremendous amount of data being generated and shared by these technologies can tax legacy IT infrastructure and the government staffs responsible for maintaining it. 
Uncertainty about ethical and responsible use of AI adds further layers of complexity.
OpenGov’s Indonesia Leadership Forum 2019 in July threw up some fascinating insights into AI adoption by public sector. While 26% of the respondents mentioned that their agencies are planning to adopt AI and have concrete plans, a whopping 52% of the participants cited the lack of knowledge and internal skill sets as the major challenge in the implementation of AI.
Addressing Implementation Challenges
The next wave of government modernisation will be focused on enhancing decision-making, automation, and risk management capabilities. AI is expected to see significant investments by governments globally, especially in mission-critical operations.
AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for agencies to improve operations, deliver better citizen experiences, and drive organisational performance through data-driven initiatives.
Time is now opportune to learn what governments need to do to build an AI-ready infrastructure that can scale to meet Indonesia’s digital transformation needs.
OpenGov is pleased to bring an exclusive Tech Day to enhance your knowledge on how to effectively leverage AI technology and empower yourself with the data-centric infrastructure needed to harness the true power of AI.
The unique proposition of this OpenGov Breakfast Insight is the integration of GAMIFICATION, our hugely popular scenario-based approach to learning.
You will be learning while playing, gaining new and unique insights while having fun!
OpenGov Tech Day sessions are concise, to the point, strategic level discussions designed to bring learning within a short span of 3 hours!
Benefits of Attending:
OpenGov invites you to a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session for top Indonesian government agencies, where you would be discussing and deliberating on:

How to derive value, insight and impact from the available data to make your agencies realise digital transformation goals
Use cases on how governments are implementing AI and other smart technologies to improve physical and cybersecurity 
How new infrastructure solutions can help agencies turn data into actionable intelligence 
What steps agencies need to take to future-proof their infrastructure for the next generation of innovation
How to adopt recognised enterprise information management (EIM) strategies, policies, and technology solutions to address responsible and ethical use of AI
How to leverage digital intelligence to transform tomorrow's public sector institutions

OpenGov makes a concerted effort to provide participants with ample opportunities to plan and develop strategies in the broad area of artificial intelligence.

Head of AI
Heads of AI Applications
Heads of AI Engineering
Head of IT infrastructure
Heads of IT
Heads of IT Operations
Heads of IT Strategy and Operations
Heads of IT Security
Heads of Data Analytics
Data Architects
Cloud Architects
Solution Architects

Powering Government Transformation Through AI

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