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4 Days (35 Contact Hours)
Project management global knowledge and credentials have been around in Indonesia for quite some time now. Dcolearning team has been in project management business for years and has been witnessing the growth of acknowledgement and acceptance from corporate Indonesia for project management professionals with global standard such as the ones issued by Project Management Institute (PMI)
Project Management Institute (PMI)’s certifications have been acknowledged as ones that many global project practitioners are pursuing. They are ubiquitous credentials that companies recognized and are looking for in their project manager candidates. Being certified as a PMP® shows experience, education, and competency to lead a project with better chance of success.
Nowadays, in Indonesia, many companies and organizations have recognized the value of PMP® certification. Our long experience shows that companies/organizations have now embraced the confidence that a PMP® may bring in achieving their project(s) objectives & targets. Being certified in project management gives them and project users/owners higher level of comfort knowing they are handling the project with standardized approach.
Yet, PMP® certification has also been known as one that is not easy to get. There is no guarantee that every professional who takes the test will get one every time. Taking one is a daunting and challenging process.
As our latest improvement of the traditional PMP® Exam Preparation program, Dcolearning has developed a program that will help any professionals who wish to learn about project management and who want to get to know about PMP® certification from Project Management Institute.
With PMP® Fast Track program, our participants and corporate clients can access the same project management knowledge sharing and learning experience combined with CAPM®/PMP® exam preparation sessions through less face-to-face or traditional classroom time. Optimization at its best.
With this 4-days PMP® Fast Track program, participants and companies will have more cost-effective program investment in this challenging business time that requires better cost saving with the same program quality.
After the 4-days classroom sessions, participant will get 12 months access to and be supported by our Dcovalley online system and team, our own internet-based test simulation for CAPM®/PMP® exams. Assisted by our dedicated team, candidates can also set their own exam schedule and their pace suit to their busy schedules.

Understand the project management framework.
Understand the PMBOK® Guide standards and processes in managing project.
Be able to apply the tools and techniques of managing project.
Use PMBOK® Guide to help their actual projects.
Be able to use knowledge from this workshop to pursue project management certification issued by PMI® such as CAPM® or PMP®

All in all, participants will be able to manage their project(s) and achieve the objectives well whilst doing it in a professional-and-structured way.
– 4 (Four) days of Project Management knowledge based on PMBOK® Guide with introduction to CAPM®/PMP® exam and full-day simulation of the exam.
– 12 (Twelve) months of Dcovalley online system access
– PMP® Exam Exercise
All Project Managers/LeadersProject managers & leaders who wish to pursue PMP® certification or project team members who wish to pursue CAPM® certification
All Managers/ProfessionalsAll professionals who are involved in projects. From various backgrounds & industries i.e.: HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement, FMCG, Insurance, Telco, etc.

For more information:
Ms. Elina / Ms. AlilaDirect Contact No. (Call / Chat)
Ms. Elina +628 1212 30 5959Ms. Alila +628 1212 25 5959

PMP® Fast Track

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