20. Agustus 2020 - 8:00 sampai 11:00
Swasti Bali - Conscious Eco Village
IndonesiaUbudJl. Nyuh Bojog, Banjar Nyuh Kuning,

Pelvic Journey Workshop— Awakening Your Yoni and Womb into Bliss, Swasti Bali - Conscious Eco Village, Kamis, 20. Agustus 2020

We invite you to this enchanted workshop to discover how to access, manifest from and journey into your most sacred center- your pelvic cradle. This magical knowledge will be grounded with practical anatomy insight to empower you into a new level of self-care and bodily bliss.

~? The Magical Legacy of the Pelvis?~

The Womb space and pelvic chalice, which is the cradle containing Womb, holds some of our most profound muscle support networks and nerve connections. Essential aspects of our endocrine and hormonal systems also converge here, making this part of the body a place where we can experience ecstatic joy or, on the flipside, deep-seated tensions that are calling to be released.

The pelvis in women has been seen a most sacred area in the body where important physical structures meet with energetic aspects and spiritual powers. In the Womb Awakening lineages, it is known as the Pelvic Chalice that holds the womb and yoni- a center of creation that births new ideas, visions, beings and realities into existence.

We will discover the physical structure of the pelvis using drawings, anatomical models and movement while staying deeply connected to a feminine dimension of consciousness called dream time- a space where we intuitively receive downloads and knowing. You will learn how to sensitize your Yoni to more feeling, connect to messages coming from the body using dream time and practice empowered self-care of your womb space.

~? What does this workshop offer you? ?~

?Anatomically Guided Pelvic Floor Exercises to Enhance Sensitivity

?Introduction to the Sacred Gates of Womb Awakening

?Discovering the link between Voice Expression & Your Yoni

?Shamanic Dream Time Journeys & Visualizations into Your Pelvis

?Empowering insight into your anatomy based on 40+ years of research

?Meeting the Maiden, Mother & Crone Archetypes in your womb space

?Enhanced feeling in your yoni and inner perineum based on the Anatomy of Movement® method


? Connecting to feminine flow

? Sensitizing your ability to feel pleasure

? Empowering yourself with insights into pelvic health

? Clearing womb energy from past experiences and lovers

? Supporting menstrual health & fertility

? Meeting the ancient feminine archetypes

? Connecting to your intuition & inner compass

~? Where does it take place? ?~

LOCATION: Swasti Eco Cottages


Women only

~? About the facilitator ?~

Sanya Hurem is a transformation facilitator, wisdom keeper of the womb, pelvic anatomy teacher, artist and creative serial entrepreneur. Throughout her work, she holds healing space that is generous, loving and profoundly shamanic. She crafts enchanted, art-infused offerings that naturally draw us into our magical inner world, unearthing hidden gems, clearing old patterns and revealing our true radiance. This work accompanies us into full-body connection with our physical self, our unique gifts and the unfolding of our heart's desires.

Her sessions and retreats reflect her own path as a dedicated student and practitioner of transformation practices over the last decade, studying Sound Healing, Dream Time Shamanic Journeying, Experiential Anatomy, Womb Awakening, Yoga & Breathwork as well as Visionary Entreprenurship and Creative Art Practice.

Among other projects, she is co-founder of the European research hub for the international Anatomy of Movement® school created by Blandine Calais-Germain, and she serves as Head of Strategy for BecomeBecome, a non-profit working with international partners to bring together spiritual practice, bodywork and contemporary art. You can learn more about Sanya and her work at https://www.embodiedhealing.co/

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Pelvic Journey Workshop— Awakening Your Yoni and Womb into Bliss

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