OPUS by A.D. Timms, Belmont Little Theatre, Jumat, 20. Juli 2018

Woven Theatre Company presents the World Premier of Opus: The Totally Real, Not Made Up Story of a Boy and his Skeleton!
'Opus' is about a guy named Dakota who is a new player in Animal Town, a storytelling game invented by his friend Mason for the purpose of creating weird stories and bettering the lives of the players. When a mysterious villain called The Fox sends his player character to ****, Dakota meets a skeleton named Ronald Opus. As Dakota becomes more attached to Opus and his own Animal Town experience, the barriers between the real world and the world of Animal Town begin to fade, and the story becomes much too real for Dakota's own good.
Directed by William Kyle Odum
Written by A.D. Timms
Simba Woodard as Dakota
Rachel Woods as Lila/The Great Witch/Viola
Aevar Jonsson as Mason/The Fox
Josh Kiev as Ronald Opus
James Rudolph as The King of ****

OPUS by A.D. Timms

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