Leapfrog Yourself and Your Business, Jakarta, Jumat, 01. November 2019

This training module uses the “SERVICE” acronym to help create a mindset for breakthrough selling, operations and finance collaboration. Developed from extensive research zeroing in on the mindset of the top performing 25 of 1,700 salesmen from a 1 billion US dollar FMCG company and induced with the powerful concepts of NLP and implemented successfully in a number of companies makes the program comprehensive, tried and tested with results and therefore effective.

* Be in peak state & overcome lazy days in 5 seconds

* Connect on the first meeting in 3 minutes

* Maintain the connection by speaking in his language

* Learn precision questioning & customer buying strategies

* Embed an Action Command that avoids resistance

* Get a decision with an invisible handshake

* Be continuously motivated. Remove limiting beliefs.

Learn more and download the brochure at or contact us at enquiries@ctsolutionsglobal.com

Leapfrog Yourself and Your Business

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