Crime & Punishment HandsOn CrimeSolving Experience, Amerika Serikat, Sabtu, 09. Juni 2018

Case #0109 - Systematic Symptoms
Hands-On Crime-Solving Experience - A real crime, a real case, a real-life opportunity to prove just how good a detective you are.

Phase I: Homicide 101
There's been a death. Foul play is suspected. As an investigative trainee, you’ll visit the crime scene and work through the process of detection & deduction to establish motive, weapon and opportunity. You’ll search for clues, gather evidence and ultimately charge your chief suspect … with murder!

Phase II: Burden of Proof
We’ll look at the clues we’ve collected to determine if we have enough proof to build a case.

Phase III: Fallout
The historic results of the original case and trial will be revealed. What happened to the suspect? Was the crime scene contaminated? And perhaps more interestingly, did the punishment fit the crime?

Saturday, June 9
at 6:30pm

$45 includes dinner & activity
(tax & gratuity additional)

Advance reservations by telephone.
Seating is limited

Crime & Punishment HandsOn CrimeSolving Experience

Rame rame anak SMP MUH 3 KOKAP

Rame rame anak SMP MUH 3 KOKAP

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