Community-led Transparency and Accountability Programs in Indonesia, Sari Pacific Jakarta, Kamis, 19. September 2019

We invite you to come and participate in our half-day conference, “Launching the Results from Transparency for Development (T4D) Evaluation and sharing on Community-led Transparency and Accountability Programs to Improve Health and Other Social Services in Indonesia” to learn more on how we can improve governance in many public service delivery programs for the poor. Jointly organized by J-PAL Southeast Asia (J-PAL SEA), Results for Development (R4D) and PATTIRO, the conference will reveal findings and policy lessons gathered from the impact evaluation of the program, Transparency for Development (T4D) – an innovation to improve accountability in healthcare services through empowering the role of the community, followed by insights from policymakers and development actors on their experience and proven practices in strengthening governance system. We also hope to foster and facilitate discussion among participants to collaboratively formulate solutions in improving governance across public service delivery programs.
 1. Findings and policy lessons from the T4D evaluation

Courtney Tolmie (Sr. Program Director, R4D)
Jessica Creighton (Associate Director of Transparency for Development)
Novita Anggraeni (Gender & Social Engagement Specialist, Pattiro)
Jenna Juwono (Sr. Policy & Training Manager, J-PAL SEA)
Ni Wayan Suriastini (Executive Director of Surveymeter)

 2. Panel discussion on opportunities and challenges in motivating community participation

Ministry of Village, Development, and Transmigration in Indonesia (Kemendesa PDTT) (tbc)
Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI)
Kolaborasi Masyarakat dan Pelayanan untuk Kesejahteraan (KOMPAK)
Dr. Stephen Kosack (University of Washington and Harvard University)

Through this event, we are committed to supporting policymakers and practitioners in understanding the impact of community empowerment in improving the public service system, which will ultimately lead to greater outcomes in the long run. If you are a policymaker, local government, NGO representative, academics, public health practitioner and/ or others who are interested in the field of governance, we look forward to your participation in our conference! 
 If you have a disability or require any additional needs or assistance (including translation devices), please inform (organiser) by filling out this form or contacting (organiser). For more details of the event, please contact our staff, Widyana Perdhani at
 For updates leading up to the event, visit and follow us at @JPAL_SEA and to learn more about us, visit our website at .

Community-led Transparency and Accountability Programs in Indonesia

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