An alternative policy for LPG subsidy, Ali Wardhana Building 7th Floor, Senin, 16. September 2019

An alternative policy for LPG subsidy
M. Yusmal Nikho (Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance/BKF), Rullan Ruladi (PROSPERA) and Astrid Dita (PROSPERA)
Abstract: In 2007 LPG subsidy was introduced in Indonesia as part of an effort to phase-out kerosene due to the building up of pressure to the State Budget from oil price increase at the time. At first, it seems like a rational choice, as the gap between the market price of kerosene and LPG is quite substantial. However, the non-existence of an exit strategy leads to increasing budgetary burden as demand for LPG consolidates. The fiscal pressure is also building up due to the price-fixing mechanism that leaves no room for price adjustment. Limited domestic production also leads to increasing LPG imports, further exposing the State Budget to external volatilities in the exchange rate and energy price. An alternative policy is required to address the multiple issues that are currently affecting the effectiveness of the LPG subsidy from policy design, planning and budgeting, and implementation stages, which include the pervasive inclusion error

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An alternative policy for LPG subsidy

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